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Today is: Sunday, October 24, 2021

Welcome to Teddy The Bear Wiki!

The unofficial wiki for everything we can think of. The Number of Pages is 310.

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Welcome to TeddyTheBearWiki!

WARNING: This wiki contains offensive humor that is not meant to be taken seriously. Viewer Discretion is is advised.

This Wiki is about anything we can talk about.

Our last wiki was lost and abandoned. It's probably vandalized by weens at this point.

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Read the rules before you contribute.

About Teddy


Teddy The Bear is the 2nd founder and vice president of this wiki. (the first founder would be User:WayStudios)

He used to be friends with stupid people like Guweegee, Wiggler, and some dumb MLP garbage, but now he thinks they are stupid.

His favorite food is cookies, and he also eats watermelon when he is possessed by Miles from Our Friend, Martin.

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-Mario, Hotel Mario


  • This wiki has been updated once again with new pages/edits to shun the terrible, unfunny update we made last year. (2016)
  • We made a Deal with TehSupahLeegee, We will never talk about murkekow stuff again. (2012)|}|}