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Pumkin World or simply known as Pumkin is one of the most weirdest of all sites on the internet. It was made to educate kids. Meanwhile nobody seems to know how. The site has crappy flash games and cartoons.


  • Hungry Pumkin - In this game you feed a pumpkin who sounds like he is on LSD. If you feed him the thing he says, he eats it. If he says a food, then you pick something else, he becomes a dick and literately throws the food on the ground.
  • Barnyard Disco - This one is so retarded.
  • The Colors Game - This one doesn't even have fucking gameplay.
  • The Cholthes Game - The most boring by far.
  • The Fruits Game - You help this pumpkin catch fruit from a tree.
  • Vegetables - You make this pedophile rabbit eat veggies.
  • In-On-Over-Under - You help this drunk alligator put some crap in random areas.
  • Numbers - You play piano with the fruits from The Fruits Game to an audience.